Lalo Creme

Meet Lalo, the British Broker! Lalo is passionate about helping real estate goals come true for people, cats, dogs, and motorcycles. Lalo’s superpower? Turning negotiations into a breeze while keeping that cheerful charm intact. Lalo’s friendly demeanour and unwavering dedication have got you covered.

What truly sets Lalo apart is his unwavering commitment to creating stress-free transactions. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, Lalo ensures everyone gets the royal treatment. His secret? A unique blend of expert communication skills and a genuine care for his clients’ well-being, making him a broker you can trust.

“I listen to my clients, learn what they desire, have a cup of tea, and then do the work and make it happen.”

When he’s not busy making real estate magic happen, you can find Lalo exploring Seattle and Washington State on his motorbike, admiring mid-century homes, or whipping up some delicious English pub grub. And of course, he always makes time for hugs with his family and his feline friend. Get to know Lalo on the socials #LaloCremeRealEstate